Heart Full of Love

 What do you do with a heart full of love is a picture book full of imaginative exploration in search of the answer to a little boy’s question. Dominik has a heart full of love to share and is wondering what he should do with it. He takes his heart full of love and follows every idea that he has as he searches for a place for his heart full of love. Traveling far and wide with his heart full of love Dominik explores his imagination with friends and family making new friends along the way.

What do you do with a heart full of love is for children 1-6.  Intended to help children learn about spreading love and kindness in the world inspiring them with knowledge of love and to love more hate less. What Do You Do With a Heart Full Of Love is a imaginative picture book that takes the reader through  a fun filled adventure to find a special place for a heart full of love. Inspiring a world filled with sharing love far and wide featuring critically endangered plants and animals on earth as well as our precious earth itself.

About the Author

Diana is a single mother of three adult children, one son, who passed away tragically 13 years ago, and two beautiful daughters. Through healing and her first grandson, Diana gained inspiration from the wonderful memories of her son which ignited her heart with sparks of passion to bring his love to life through story telling and illustrating her stories.  Diana’s playful heart, fantastic imagination and a love for teaching children inspired her to begin writing and illustrating her first book, called What Do You Do With a Heart Full of Love? During the summer months Diana can be found in her kayak drifting along the shore of Lake Michigan daydreaming of tales yet untold.

Dedicated in Loving Memory


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September 1985 – December 2003